Tuesday, July 24, 2018

And it begins....

With a photo. This picture is from my visit to Dauphin Island last winter. It was such a relaxing weekend with my friend, Frederique. We were completely enamored of the environment and the solitude. Everyday we walked, a total of 21 plus miles over three days, according to Fitbit.
  We went from one end of the island to the other, even though it was breezy and cold most of the time. The foggiest morning was the best, like walking in a bubble. We both took many photos. Frederique had her very nice camera and has so many lovely shots of birds, dead things, trees, the gulf waters, etc.
 I forgot my little point and shoot, and had to rely on the Iphone camera, Since I wasn't sure of storage issues, I had to be a bit more judicious in my decisions of what to photograph, not just snapping pics of any old thing, like I usually do.
  I'm very happy with what I captured and have started on several pieces of artwork based on the photos. In future posts, I hope to show the progress I'm making and maybe inspire someone else to record your adventure in another way than vacation photos.

Friday, July 6, 2018

WKNO show

hand stitching on linen
The TNCraft-Southwest show at the WKNO gallery closed last week. When I went to pick up my artwork I discovered one of my pieces had sold!! YAY! I have no idea who loved this as much as I do, and want to thank you for choosing my work to be in your home or office or wherever......
  Plus, I couldn't be happier to have a few extra bucks to help pay for new eyeglasses, since I lost my fave bifocals at a punk rock show last week. I've finally stopped beating myself up for losing them. It's as if they VANISHED into thin air and maybe fell off my head into the toilet in ladies room. I don't know....I'm usually very careful keeping up with my stuff.