Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holidaze continued

As these pesky winter holidays come to an end, I am yearning for closure for this year and looking forward to a more enlightened upcoming year. I did not find all the joy I had hoped for at the beginning of last year, but continue to search for it. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places.
   All was not disappointing this past twelve months, and I am grateful for the laughs and fun times I've had with friends and family. Beauty surrounds me. I wake to a fresh new day every morning. If I have not made the best of it, the fault is mine.
  I have a huge learning experience before me, as I am to be the communications chairperson for the artists group I belong to. It is a scary prospect. Technology is not one of my strong points. Paranoia is in the back of my mind, too, as every time I see a technological breakthrough that seems too good to be true, I say to myself "Skynet!" Then I laugh a little, nervously. Computerized sewing machines frighten me a little bit.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


no fire today

Last night, it started to snow and there was a tiny accumulation around 1 am (I have insomnia, okay?). This morning when I got up for real, there was quite a bit of the white stuff on everything. Plus it was COLD all day.
 Fearing a freeze over night, I braved the elements and cleared off the windshield of my vehicle, in case I had to make a fast escape. Of course, no one's going anywhere without letting the truck warm up, but at least I made an effort towards a quick getaway. The only real traveling I did today was a block over to have lunch with a friend. Hopefully all this will be gone tomorrow, like most snow "events" in Memphis. How do those folks in the northern parts get through those long winters? They must be very brave and have my upmost respect.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holidaze update

This is the card we sent out this year. Of course, the new bathroom is featured. The caption on the card says "Scrubbing up for the holidays". The decorations are staying up till New Year's.
   Last night I had a lovely solstice fire in the new fire pit and got a really nice photo with my Iphone. Now I have to figure out how to get the photo from the phone to here. If anyone has a suggestion on how to accomplish that, please leave a comment. The only thing I can figure is to send it to myself in an email and transfer it to my pictures folder, but I'm sure there has to be an easier way.
   The fire last night was so nice, I plan on having another one tonight.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Still here

The Mayans were either wrong or their math was flawed or who knows what all the calendar hooey was about or the world will end tomorrow morning.
   In any event, the solstice has arrived and, to honor that moment in time, I was outside at 5:12am Central time, watching flames on a tiki torch. Later today, I will have a proper fire with all the ceremonial accoutrement--holly branches, acorns, and notes to burn, to welcome the lengthening days and chase away the bad juju accumulated over the last 6 months. I upgraded to a better fire pit last week, so Vincent and I did a test run on it the other day. It was a raging success. The new pit is round and has an open top, which can be covered with a screen to prevent sparks from escaping. The chimnea I was using did a fine job for the last few years but I felt limited in flame viewing. You had to look at the fire through those holes. Now, it's kind of like surround sound for fire. Plus it holds way more sticks that the chimnea. All the wind we had yesterday knocked plenty out of the trees, so I can replenish my stick pile with a fresh batch of fuel for upcoming fires this winter. New Year's Eve would be an excellent occasion.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The holidaze continue

As the year hurtles to it's inevitable end, the parties and get togethers with my friends and acquaintances are about over too. Tuesday was the quilt guild holiday bash and today I attended the brunch for the sewing guild. I'm sure no one I know wants to ever see me show up with a dish of pigs in a blanket at any function.
   Besides the food and fun company, we exchanged gifts at quilt guild and postcards at sewing guild. I got a lovely coaster made with a rug hooking technique. It is beautiful and I forgot to photograph it for this post, so that will have to be for another day.

the extent of holiday decorating

postcards from sewing guild
  I did take pictures of the postcards. They are fun and represent the personalities of the creative people who made them.
  As you can see I have thrown in pictures of the outdoor decorations in the yard. The lights don't work so I put bows on those sad deer in an attempt to give them some holiday spirit. And I still haven't learned how to arrange photos with proper text on this thing....someday soon.....

Monday, December 10, 2012

Recent acquisition

I figured I'd better post while I can and blogger is letting me use photos.
Yesterday, I went to a couple of estate sales with my friend. One was at Cybil Sheperd's family home. It had been advertised in the local paper as having some of the actress's memorabilia as well as family heirlooms. There was a LOT of stuff, mostly nice, some not so nice. In the downstairs bedroom where two pink chairs.
bathroom wallpaper at another house

all the doors were like this

My perfect chair
 I have thinking lately about getting a chair for my bedroom, but it would have to be small and in my mind, have the ability to swivel and roll. That chair was perfect. I couldn't believe my good luck in finding it, as I figured it would take a massive hunt to thrift stores and consignment shops to find such a creature.  Yes, it is pink and I am NOT a pink kinda girl, but that chair has everything else going for it. And the Liberty print quilt tones it down a bit.
  The two top photos are from another house we went to. All the doors in that house were pointy even the closet doors. The wallpaper throughout was original from the late 50's or early 60's. It was a strange house.
   Someday I will learn how to arrange the text with the proper pictures.


paperwhites rescued from the big freeze

Tiny Dancer by Elton John
Miraculously, Blogger is allowing me to post photos. What is going on?? Anyway, the lower photo is of one of my journal pages. It's my favorite so far.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I will not be able to post photos anymore says my storage is full and that I MUST upgrade. Oh well, I guess this blog had a pretty good run and I will certainly miss it.

Holidaze musings

The weather has been less than wintery, but the prognosticators on the local news outlets have forecasted a drastic change in the direction of more normal temps. So I am more than happy that I have rescued the paperwhites to adorn my hovel before the frost got to them. They look lovely and their scent is sweet without being overwhelming.
  I signed up for an online journaling exercise in November that used classic rock songs as themes. The intent was to make a journal page (or at least start on one) everyday. November is National Journaling Month, according to the blog by Dawn Devries Sokol. Although I didn't get to work everyday, I did make a list of all the song titles and started on some of the pages and actually finished a few. It was great excuse to buy a fresh new sketchbook with nice paper fit for mixed media. And now I will have something different to work on for the upcoming cold and miserable winter days--like I really need another project......
   I had planned on adding photos but got the news that my storage is full???? wtf????

Monday, December 3, 2012

Holidaze are upon us

This weekend there will be a street party of sorts on Broad Avenue, the hip, up and coming spot in midtown Memphis these days. Metal Works Gallery will be one of the spaces open for fun and commerce (some of my art works will be available) on December 7,8 & 9. Hours will be 7-9 pm on Friday, 10 am-4 pm on Saturday, 12-4 pm on Sunday. If you are in the vicinity, come join the fun!!!