Saturday, November 28, 2015

Kitchen upgrade

So I bought the new sink and got it home, then realized I'd NEVER be able to install it by myself, so my son said he'd help me. Picked him up, got yummy breakfast and just a few hours late, I had a new kitchen sink!!! It is so awesome and I am sooooo happy!! 
Little by little, I am making this MY house, MY home! Five years ago I would have never thought life could be so good. It's not perfect, but pretty damn good!
My boy under the sink, doing his best!
Old sink, new sink

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Making a life

You know how it is when you watch all those shows on tv about changing your surroundings to your liking? And it costs thousands of dollars? And you get all those sweet pot lights and new appliances, countertops, and floors? Well, that's not happening here, but......I decided, because I can, to change a few things to make me happy. 
 A couple of weeks ago I changed the kitchen faucet to one I liked better, and was able to do it myself with only three trips to the hardware store. Thankfully, Home Depot is just around the corner.  The other day at the HD competitor, I saw the perfect kitchen sink ON CLEARANCE!!!! 
   Not sure of the size, I went home and measured then returned to the store, only to find that sink sold out!! Boo hoo......but there were the last two in Memphis at another store. Early, I mean EARLY, on this Saturday morning, the sink was mine. Somebody else can have the LAST one.
  I know I'll have to reinstall the faucets, but that will be easy now that I have practice and all the required wrenches, Teflon tape, etc. Photos will be posted!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Hello, I'm back....

A lot has happened since April. The spring was lovely and lasted along time, then summer hit, BAM! Now we are in the process of another season. The leaves are raining down, begging to be swept up for a long winter's nap in the leaf pile and garden bed. The beds surrounding the deck were productive for the most part. The orange cherry tomatoes did the best. There was lettuce and collard greens till the heat and bugs came. Cucumbers and summer squash tried their best, but the borers sucked the life out of them. It was sad.....
   Probably the best plants for the summer were the moon flowers. I'd never had any success with them before, but they performed beautifully all summer. Now I'm collecting seeds for next year. I'll put them near the front porch then, so they can entertain me in the late of the day while I'm sitting inside the screen.
   Speaking of screens, the awesome tent I set up on the deck, got blown over one stormy afternoon. That was sad, too.....
   But life moves along. It's a great feeling to wake up to it everyday and face life head on with joy in my heart.