Sunday, July 29, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

Thursday morning, I attended the Memphis Sewing Guild board meeting. Our gracious hostess for this get together lives in Olive Branch, Mississippi, and provided the group with delicious treats to help make the business meeting seem more like a party. Which is usually the case for any of the board meetings.
  After we had thoroughly discussed everything relating to Sewing Guild (and a little that didn't) and set the schedule for upcoming programs, we went to have lunch in the Old Town section of Olive Branch. I will not expand on any opinions about that meal, except to say it was adequately filling and the company of my dining companions was most excellent.

year of the dragon

big fat bunny
The town square had many interesting shops, mostly antiques and "junque shoppes" and I wish I'd had more time to explore them. Now that I know where they are, I can always go on a different day to see what's available. I did go to the little nursery, which, sadly, is closing. Among the offerings there, I found two lovely concrete statues for my yard. I just love this stuff.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Inside with the AC and ATCs

original photo
Saturday was a pretty good day, considering how hot it got by afternoon. The artist trading card group deadline is Friday, so I decided to get my cards done in order to mail them Monday morning. The theme for July is "In the Style of..." and I chose Frida Kahlo to emulate. I particularly admire her self portrait with a monkey. Lacking a monkey for my endeavor, I held Lewis the cat and my husband was gracious enough to take the photo.
altered photo, scanned and cropped
  The pose that was chosen was the one where both Lewis and I had reasonable expressions, in keeping with the theme. Frida never smiled in any of her self portraits and Lewis looked less desperate than he usually does when he has to sit still for picture taking. I printed out two 5x7s--always good to have a backup in case of oopsies while painting. The background of the photo was obliterated with neutral gray gesso, then painted back in with the foliage design. Braided hair, unibrow, moustachio,and yellow shawl were added, as well as green eyes for the cat. Once all was painted, details added with pencils and markers, and allowed to dry, the altered photo was scanned and printed. For each trading card I added a flower in "her" hair as embellishment. The final result will be featured on Fiber Antics blog, this weekend or the first of next week.
  Sometimes I crack myself up. No wonder my kids worry about me.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Not much......the weather cooled off for a bit then heated back up. Duh...typical for here.
 I have started a couple of new art quilts and finished a couple too. One of the new ones is intended as an entry in an IQF?Cincinnati exhibit by artists belonging to certain regions of SAQA. The quilt needs a little more added to it, then quilting. The deadline is in September, so I have time to finish it, since I'm not obligated to other projects right now.
  I started a dress for me yesterday. Nothing fancy, just something to wear under a knitted tunic. I did NOT knit the tunic. It was given to me on semi permanent loan from a friend. My body double dress form is indispensable for this project, as the dress is cut on the bias and needs to hang for at least 24 hours. On the form, the bias will take on my contours, good and bad ones, and the knitted tunic seems to camouflage  most of the bad contours. I'm still debating neckline finish and need to get on with it, as that seems to be my failing with making something for myself. I get bogged down in indecision and lose interest in the project. Photos when the dress is done.

Friday, July 6, 2012

It happens every year

Summer has arrived in the Mid South, with a vengeance. Triple digit highs for the day are the rule, it seems. Anything to do outdoors needs to be done before 8 am. Lots of things are not getting done. I have walked only a couple of times this week and really need to reverse that trend.
There is a very slim chance for rain today. It has been windy this evening and cooled off a bit. I hope it rains, the plants need some water that is not from a hose.
 The upside to all the hot weather is that I have been finishing some art quilts and getting other sewing projects done. I am working on a series that uses some of my deconstructed screen prints. Maybe I will be brave and take photos of those quilts to post here. And I will soon start on the pieces I want to use for next spring's quilt show at the West Clinic gallery. Plus I got inspired to put together some "puzzle"pieces from a swap with sewing pals we did a while ago.
Last week I taught a class on making a straight skirt with five women. That was FUN!! I hope I get asked back for another class.