Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Inspration from odd places

While looking at photos of the recent art show, I saw a common thread in a couple of the pieces I had on display and realized I had not done it on purpose. But, it looks pretty good and now I'm excited for the next "big" artwork I want to make. Plus, it's going to be from an image I made long ago, like the swans.
Today, I did some of the start up work for this next quilt.....I'm very happy to be inspired to do more big pieces.....I've let this part of my life sit idle too long.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Upcoming birthday musings

Oh dear, the days go by so quickly! Another anniversary of my birth is looming on the horizon.
  Such a lovely weekend, what with the art show and basking in all that glory of seeing friends and various others telling me how wonderfully creative I am. Almost an altered state, maybe a "high" of sorts.
Spent most of Sunday afternoon sorting art from the public display to its return to closets and walls in the hovel. Sunday evening, well spent, resting with compadre. 
 Monday, indulging myself in laughing and sharing creative conversation with trusted friends. Sometimes, Monday is the best day I can think of.
 Now, I'm thinking of the few days ahead, anticipating a small celebration for my birthday. At one point, I envisioned a grand party, but thought better of it. Since my special day almost always falls on the national holiday honoring those who actually work for a living, and nearly everyone has made plans for otherwise activities, I decided to forgo such nonsense. 
  I have outlived my father by a year and I pray to whatever is out in the universe that I will come close to living as long and productively as my dear departed mother, rest their souls. 
    Two sisters have gone before me in not so many more years as I have been celebrating my time on our lovely planet. I have thrown away all the pills and potions prescribed to me in an effort to ease the troubles of this modern life. I have pretty good hair and skin at this day and age. I have an attentive lover who appreciates the time and energy I can share with him. 
  Yes, I could complain about nit picky details......plenty of that...but why waste precious energy?  
We'll see how the next few days play out and hopefully the following post will be of a most happy day full of stories of how I celebrated my 64th birthday. 
Maybe I'll just stay home and listen to Beatles songs all day, then go to eatery around the corner for super girly martinis! In any event, there will be photos!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Crosstown 'Clectic, part two

The art show was a lot of fun, even though I didn't sell anything. It was great to have some of my work shown, especially pieces I'd never had on display before. Friday night's opening crowd was decent and stayed consistent the entire evening. Today, the traffic was good and we had people all day. 
 My gal pals came both days, and I'm really happy they did. The other artists in the show were fun to be with, too. There was good energy in the venue which made for a relaxing two day show. I hope I get a chance to do something like this again. Most shows are too expensive for me, with the jury fees and booth prices, and my work has to be priced pretty high since I make big, sometimes complicated pieces, and am not really expecting to make any sales. All in all, it was a positive experience. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Crosstown 'Clectic

The group show and sale is this weekend and I think I'm ready.....I have a really great new piece to show in the gallery section, and am getting the rest of the work together, mostly older pieces that I really like. I'm not expecting any sales and it will be good to have my work shown. It's been a while. The little quilt I made for the Beatle's book finally came back, with the label that was made, plus a list of all the places it has been exhibited. I decided to bring all that plus some of the other pieces I've made over the years that were published in different books and magazines, along with the publications. Maybe I'll get a little street cred! Hahaha
    The biggest thing I hope comes out of this show is to get inspired to make more art. I've let that side of life go by the wayside for too long. Of course, I still have obligations and bills to pay. My yard is a complete wreck, as well. My life is so very different from what it was three years ago. I'm no longer depressed and anxious. I know things can be the way I want them to be, to the degree anyone of my social and financial standing can have anyway.....
.....anyway.....the rest of this week needs to be spent sorting, making tags, and maybe a dress rehearsal of the table set up, to work out any kinks. The best part is, the venue is only blocks from the house. It's in the up and coming new arts district and the group has been plugging it on social media like mother fuckers! If I remember, I'll take photos to post here. 
   My birthday is coming up soon, too. At one point, I thought of throwing a party, but then I've had to pay property taxes and insurance on top of the regular bills, so maybe next year. At least I'll have somewhere to live. That's one of the things that I can make happen and feels pretty good, considering it was the main thing I was depressed and anxious about three years ago.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Back to Blogging

The inspiration for new artwork
I was reminded to tend to this blog by a good friend, so here I am, Deborah!!
   Yes, a lot has happened since my last post, good things mostly, a few crazy things, nothing too awful. 
The soft opening of summer has become nearly intolerable heat for weeks on end, accompanied by the usual Mid South humidity along with pop up afternoon showers and excessive heat warnings, from the National Weather Service. My yard has gone to hell, due to the heat and my lack of stamina to be out in it! On the other hand, sewing is coming along quite nicely, as I sit in air conditioned comfort. I have the utility bill to prove it.....
   Some of this sewing is being directed at a new art piece for an upcoming show. It's a group show with other artists from Tennessee Craft-Southwest,(www.tennesseecraft.org), August 26-27, at Crosstown Arts, one of the most eclectic venues in town. In an effort to showcase local talent, the price for the space is VERY reasonable, and attendance is usually pretty good, especially opening nights. Some of my artist friends have been in exhibits there the last few years and I am quite proud and happy to have my work showing there.
   The crazy stuff involved a couple personal relationships, and I don't want to air any dirty laundry here. My peace of mind is much better for dealing as I have, with these certain people, although closure is far away. Right now, I'm okay with letting it ride.
    The best thing is the continuing romance with the sweet man I met last spring. He's just about everything I've wanted in a relationship. We are very well suited for each other in so many ways--we are good friends to each other. We like a lot of the same types of entertainment and thank goodness we are both easily amused! The lovin' is great, too, but that's for my secret diary, not the internet. We guard our privacy, being oldsters as we are. None of this putting EVERYTHING into public domain like a lot of younger folk are wont to do.
  I think the best aspect of being part of this couple is the relaxed attitude of us. We keep our private spaces to ourselves and are very together when we are not apart. Perfect for someone my age, after so many years of trying to keep a relationship going, when I should have moved on. But things happen when they do for whatever reason. Like going to lunch at Pho Binh that day.....
   Okay, that's it---I've told my story in the vaguest way possible. I can say I got what I asked for a few years ago---a dull and boring life!!