Monday, July 7, 2008

From the HOT zone

Long time no post. The news came Saturday that AQS accepted the quilts for the Ultimate Guild Challenge, of which I am the committee chair at the guild I belong to. I'm so happy because the women in the guild worked really hard on some fantastic quilts. Maybe I will get to Nashville to see them,too. With go juice at $4+ a gallon, my trips are very limited right now.
My hovel is finally getting painted and the carpenters just finished the repairs this week. My house is very shabby and NOT in such a chic way!! I took plenty of "before" photos and can't wait to see the "after" results. There are some other repair issues that will need to be addressed before winter, so money is very tight right now. (What a surprise!)
The carpenter found a mummified squirrel in the attic window. It was creepy and groovy all at once, so I took lots of pictures of it, too. It reminds me of those mummies from the Andes in a way. I wanted to nail it up somewhere in the yard and put all squirrels on notice but my husband thought we should toss it. So off it went with the trash guys today...I still have the photos.