Sunday, January 31, 2010

Group show

Today was the opening of the Memphis Association of Craft Artists show at the Jewish Community Center. As always our group shows are the best looking art shows. Everything is great together and Ansley, Pat, Felicitas, Linda, and whoever else did all the heavy lifting to make that show look so wonderful deserve an award. Big thanks to Amy at JCC for letting us use the space. Photos will be here shortly.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Challenge quilt

On a different subject, I have almost finished the piece for the online challenge I joined. The theme is "Puzzle". There are a few elements that need to be added, then that's done. Reveal day/week is Feb 22, but if I get motivated and need a break from scrubbing the hovel, I may show some small details from the quilt before then.
The Sewing Guild board is meeting here tomorrow and I don't need to be sitting at this blasted machine. Vacuuming must be done--quiches must be made. Diet Coke needs to be brought in.

Anatomy of a Graduation Dress

In an effort to entertain interested parties, I am documenting the construction of a graduation dress.
These photos are of the fitting muslin and show the neckline and waist seams, drawn in red marker. The muslin has been cut up to be used as a pattern. The original pattern is a McCall's dress with armscythe princess seams. As soon as I can get a decent rendering of the sketch for this dress I will post that, too. The scanner does not want to register pencil drawings.
The main fabric will be Swiss batiste and will be embellished with antique and vintage lace pieces from the graduate's family collection. Stay tuned for further progress on this special garment.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Theme for quilt challenge

Puzzle is the word for the 2010 quilt challenge I've signed up for. I've chosen the size for my quilts--16 x 20 inches--but am still hung up (haha) on landscape or portrait orientation. The idea for that particular size is that I can use a fat quarter piece of fabric with a little room around the edges. And I already know what I'm going to do, the name of the darned thing too. Now I have to do it!! Reveal day is in Feb. Watch for photos.
In the meantime here's a piece I started during these pesky holidays. It is a part of my Green Eyed Monster series. More on that someday.