Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Where am I???

It's been forever since I last posted. 2014 was a crazy time adjusting to single life and getting my financials in order.
 The Federal tax man still loometh over me, but after dealing with local bureaucracy this past year, I'm ready. Of course, this is no laughing matter. I have to get a firm footing on my responsibilities and since I got out the loop, so to speak, for so many years, it's an adjustment I have to make. I'm anxious as hell about it all, but we all need something to keep our blood pumping, eh?
   The divorce was final one year ago January 15. You can't spend 20 years of your life and not have some residual effect. My grandchildren are here. Unfortunately, one of them brought his parents. But that's not his fault. They view my precious little boy as their golden ticket to a life of ease and irresponsibility. They are users in the worst way, always looking for a sucker. Some way to get what they need without too much effort on their part. That is a whole other story, volumes could be written in a psychological journal on those two. 
  Because of my long time in therapy, I have the insight to see this and help myself, in a most patient way. I choose to focus on the grandkids. And my own needs. Especially my need to be creative and productive. 
   I've spent much time over the year, indulging myself with big projects. I built a deck, which is totally awesome! There was a summer in January spell for the last several days, and I worked on the raised beds around the deck. The rest of my yard looks like shit, but that will resolve itself in time. The attic is finally getting cleared out. That is another story for a different day. Ugh......
  Right now I'm concentrating on upcoming art shows and other projects. Now that my health is better, I have the energy to work on the backlog of all my ideas that keep me awake in the wee hours. (Did I mention I was under the weather for most of October and December? Yuck. At least I'm not in the hospital like I was a year ago!)
  My art work is of great satisfaction to me now. I've missed being creative for the last several months. I'm trying to catch up on my trading cards, too. 
   So, here's to me.....survivor of the year!! Hahahahahaha. Life is good in general. Some days are pretty shitty, but the alternative is unthinkable.