Saturday, April 23, 2011

And STILL sewing!!

Arrrggghhh----so busy I haven't time to post. But soon I will have something new and wonderful with photos of what I've been up to.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bizzy (and photo of clematis)

I've been working on the other graduation dress and will start on the third one this week. In addition, I have made progress on the carnival costumes, and am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on that project. The carnival stuff is interesting and I've been making these suits for over ten years except for a few of them. One of the "kings" went to Prince Charles' tailor one year, at least that's what I heard. It got held up in customs and arrived at a very late hour (or so I was told). Looked pretty good in the photos and I'd really like to know what the invoice on that adventure was.
  I have been taking photos of the progress on the graduation dress, but for some reason I haven't on the carnival costume. Maybe I should. When time allows, I will post updates on the dresses. The first one is completed--well--there are a couple of snaps and some pressing left to do, but it is finished and the graduate and her mother really love it.
  Soon I will be working on a lovely wedding dress for a friend's daughter. She wants a vintagey type dress and I have some nice lace and some ideas on how to put it together with a very nice piece of cotton/silk lawn from Thai Silks.
  Not much time for art, although I did get some stitching done today on an art quilt that I started in a workshop led by my friend, Vanessa, a few weeks ago. It is from a photo I took in 2007 in Southern California at Crystal Cove. I have many great pictures from that trip. One of them was the subject of my entry into the last chapter of the Journal Quilt Project at the Houston quilt show. Ahh the good old days.... 
  On the personal front, things are not so great. My granddaughter is in trouble, my dear little grandson has disappeared with his mentally unstable mother, and the marriage counselor fired us today.
Good thing I have work to keep me busy.