Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Year with new weather

It's only two weeks into 2018, and we've had at least three seasons it seems! Cold (12 degrees), not so cold (70), now snow and ice (ugh, no NYT delivery) least not being able to get out and about has given me a good excuse to blog.
  There's lots of sewing to do, too. Graduation dresses are in the works. Carnival suit is in progress. For Christmas gifts (as yet, undelivered) I made several microwave bowl cozies. I love mine so much I found directions on Youtube--Thank you, Karen--then dug through my resource center for coordinating fabrics and batting, and whipped them out. And I have received the parts from collaborating artist, Catherine Stevens, to create the pieces for the show in April. That is VERY exciting and I will post more on that later.
  Since I've got an early start on the dresses and suits, I will have time to work in the garden before the REAL summer season begins. Who knows when that humidity bomb will drop??!!!