Friday, January 28, 2011

Art Show

If it's February, it must be the MACA group show at the Jewish Community Center. Yesterday was the set up day. I got there around 9 am to receive the art works of the 13 other members who committed to being in the show. The center has a very nice food kiosk and I availed myself of a lovely bagel and cream cheese while waiting. And a rather large cup of coffee.
  Everyone showed up with their art by noon and many stayed to help with the setting up, which went smoothly. We had the art installed by 1:45 pm. The center has a very good hanging system in the gallery, which was beautifully redecorated a few years ago. Very nice venue. The art changes monthly and they host local artists as well as traveling shows from places far and wide.
  The opening reception is Sunday from 2-4pm. The art will remain in the gallery till Feb 28.
before set up


some of the helpers-thanks y'all



Monday, January 24, 2011

Mental Health Monday

Today turned out to be an exceedingly good day, after a rocky morning. I finally was able to get out to the community center and have some community with my sewing friends. It has been nearly a MONTH since I'd been there, for one reason or another. Also, worked in a little retail therapy at the Super Target beforehand.

 Worked on the quilt for the guild challenge, which is due in February. Got to look at the books and magazines brought by others and took one of my recent acquisitions "Drawing Lab," one of the North Light publishers offerings. Sewed, chatted, had a Target salad for lunch, what a day!!!
Here's photos of the room before anyone else arrived. You can tell why we love going out there, even though it's nearly as far as the moon for me to drive. haha  And a photo of my latest deconstructed screen printing adventures. Love the blue. It's actually brighter in "real life". The next ones will be red!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week's end

Although this week started out poorly, it has improved. Thursday was a very nice day, in spite of the snow. A little jaunt out to Shelby Forest for a meeting with sewing friends, made the snow almost inconsequential. In fact, it kind of set a soothing mood to the rest of that day. There was a snow fog that made it seem I was driving home in a big white bubble. Fortunately the roads were clear so there was no winter driving anxiety. Friday morning was quite a different story weather wise, with icy conditions and my vehicle commandeered by the husband going to work. So I spent the better part of the morning in the basement with some deconstructed screen printing--oh joy! Haven't washed it out yet so no photos.
  Today I did something I rarely do and that was to travel to Nashville for the day to meet with the other chapter presidents of the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists. It was quite a pleasant experience. I accompanied a friend who is also in the group, in fact she is the president of TACA, and had a really good time on the drive and at the meeting. Plus, we got to stop at Trader Joe's AND a totally awesome fabric store, Textiles, Inc. There wasn't really enough time to explore the shopping places, but I am motivated to go back to see more of what's available, especially at the fabric store.
   I am not much of a traveler, so this was a big deal for me. Going on a 3 hour drive is like going to the moon and way out of my comfort zone. Maybe there is hope for me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow update

Even though the temps have been reasonable and it has rained, the snow people are trying to hang on and have become snownubs. Especially the ones on the north sides of houses and buildings. It's amazing how long this stuff lasts. What do the citizens in the northeastern U.S. do with all the mess?
  Because the temperature has moderated, I was able to get out and walk this past weekend. Felt great to get some fresh-slightly chilly-air and it certainly helped clear my lungs from this rotten cold that won't go away. Maybe I can catch a quick stroll between showers today. My mileage for the month so far is not very spectacular. I walked more in a week in November than I have so far in January.
 The artist's group I belong to (and am president of) is having a show that opens at the end of the month. I am trying to organize the setup and get my work together to put in the exhibit. I still need to finish one piece, so maybe I'll be inspired to get that done today and make fitting muslins too. Fingers crossed for a productive day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow monsters on parade

the guy who lives here has a mohawk, too

such a loving couple

small children live here

good use for extra buttons

kids live here, too

and here
Feeling quite brave this afternoon, I ventured out to the grubbery (the vehicle cooperated) and on the way home saw many interesting structures built by various neighbors. As cold as it is predicted to be this week, they may around for a while, but I decided not to tempt fate and got photos.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow is a four letter word

chilled reisling

snow pit

Last night we got our obligatory snow fall. It's pretty for about a day, in my opinion. The worst part is I am missing my mental health day, which I've missed for almost a month now because of pesky holiday closings or family matters that took precedence. On top of it all I have a cold with a croupy cough that must go away!! SOON!! Pass the Nyquil, please.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Walking in this new year

Got my rear end out two days already and walked the regular route. It's nearly 4 miles. The other day--New Year's Day--was cloudy but not too cold. Today was sunny and brisk. It was afternoon before I got out so I did not see the regular crowd of dogs and their people. Or much of anyone else.
Today, I got a new hat that covers my ears and is quite stylish so it should improve my walking profile a lot. That weird little headband thingy I bought a couple months ago, does NOTHING for my style. I think my hair is the wrong length to wear such a thing. But it did keep my ears warm.
   I finished a couple of quilts this weekend and now I'm looking at grad dresses again. The grindstone is calling my nose.  Photos soon.