Thursday, May 31, 2012


There has been a brief respite from the heat of this premature summer for a couple of days, so I took advantage and cleaned up some of this wreck of a yard. There is still lots to do though, so I hope the cooler weather stays a little while longer, so I can get more cleaning done.
   The weeds were horribly overgrown and I lost many nice plants, mostly lilies, boohoo. Once I have everything cleared out, I need to decide what to put back in or just give up and start mowing it all. I am not getting any younger and this is back breaking work.
On the bright side, some plants survived quite nicely. The lavender monarda is fairly happy, as is the lace top hydranga. My lovely Siberian irises are still growing, although they did not bloom this year because of the weeds covering them. Gardening and basketball are alike in some ways-there's always next season.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


needs planting

my idea of a patio

I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully the next week will be productive and I can have a moment to spare for some more artistic pursuits the following week. I really need to do something about the landscaping--or lack thereof--and the back of the yard needs attention desperately. I did take a half a day to replace the stones around the pond. I just couldn't look at that mess any longer. The sitting area on the driveway/patio (I'm going to call it patio from now on) looks pretty good and has been a great place for a break during these busy days. It's warming up quite a bit now and the mosquitoes are dreadful in the afternoon. But, hey--this is Memphis. It's like this EVERY year.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Downtown art show

The art show currently displayed in the windows of a building in downtown Memphis was scheduled to come down on Friday. The news today is that it will be up for another couple of weeks because the response has been so positive. YAY!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where have I been??

On the f***ing grindstone, that's where. I cannot wait for June to be here so I can think of something besides LABOR for a minute and a half.  I know everybody has to work to get by in this world, and I am willing to put in my fair share, but I will be so glad when I get a break from these deadlines. ugh!
Everything in my world is up for grabs right now and is only adding to the feeling of anxiety hanging over my head these days. But I will keep pushing forward to my goal and be happy when I can relax for a moment and enjoy the "free" time waiting for me.
  Summer has descended upon us in the midsouth. We had a mild winter and glorious spring. Mother Nature wants her price for all the balmy afternoons she has given us these past months. Fresh breezes, no mosquitoes, we knew we would have to settle up with her sooner or later.
   I dearly love having having the windows open and now I must decide when to close them and turn on this air conditioner. So costly in so many ways.
  There is a price to pay for everything it seems.