Monday, September 12, 2016

Birthday photos

Last weekend was my 64th birthday. I had a really wonderful day! Got cards in the mail, the real mail, the snail mail, remember?
Number two son took me out for breakfast and plant shopping. Such a sweet boy!
this happy moment came to a screeching halt 2 weeks ago, but I shall carry on...

Best boyfriend on earth took me out to some nice bars, bought girly drinks and appetizers, stayed out late.....

A busy day

For some reason, on Saturday, I felt compelled to accomplish many tasks. I got on a sewing jag, completing a couple of newly inspired projects, making a near futile quest for a cheap bag of ice, then doing a useless chore that proved most gratifying. I am mystified, yet happy. 
  Looking forward to many more tasks in the coming days and I know how satisfied I'm going to be when they are done....
These photos are from a corner in my house. A great place to rest ones weary eyes, don't you think?