Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A Gift

Since February, I've been spending a lot of my time in creative endeavors, most of it sewing in one form or another. Coming up in June, some of my artwork will be in a group show. It's exciting to have work shown, but I wish I'd had time to make something new....and I wish I had the time to play in my yard everyday and scrub this hovel to a higher standard that I really should subscribe to...dream on.
 Since I love my artwork, I'm good with the pieces I'm entering in the show. They are pieces I look at everyday and make me happy that I made them.
  I'm starting to feel the same way with my yard. I have found it to be another creative outlet and I see it everyday, so it's always on my mind. The physical activity required to make any patch of dirt look like art is not much more than any other medium. So, I'm happily digging when I can, usually early in the day. I do live in Memphis.
  Life is maybe the best gift a person could get, I'm glad I got mine and the gift of patience to go with it. I just want to get a gift of time.