Saturday, January 19, 2008

Show time

The deadline for the "Up in Stitches" show is looming, but I have my entry ready to go. I'll probably wait to post photos for that. Don't want to break any unspoken rules. Or jinx my chances of being accepted into the show.
The "Amazing Art Quilts" show( might have that name wrong--oopsie) deadline is not till March or April, but they are asking for slides (!!!?!) So I'm still up in the air about that. We actually have a place in Memphis that processes slides, very well, I might add. Also, I could find out about getting slides from digital. Oh, what to do!!
I know that people love photos on blogs, so you'll just have to wait.


Anonymous said...

I am trying to send again. I love your blog and comments. I just have to check often for changes. I will look forward to hearing about your contest entry. Take care from a friend. How is my quilt doing? Shirley

Anonymous said... is a business in the Chicago area that makes slides from digital images. You can send him a cd or send them over the internet. Probably too late to help now, but remember for later. His prices are better than I can get locally.