Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lil' City quilts

My friend , Shirley, has claimed one of the little embellished quilts. When the show opens there'll be a red dot. Hopefully it will have friends come along.
The artist group I belong to, MACA, had it's show opening last Friday--what a mob scene! We've never had a turnout like that before. Even the "creepy art show opening guy" was there. It's a weird inside joke that if he shows up, your show opening is a success. I don't think he buys anything but he sure likes the wine and cheese!
Anyway, it was so crowded that lots of people are coming back during the run of the exhibit to actually see the ART. I have 3 pieces in the show and will post photos when I take them. The group consists of fine craft artists--lots of potters, jewelers, fiber artists, metal workers, wood workers, wearable art. Lots of esoteric media. No painters. The art is beautiful especially when shown together.
The woman who's the current president of the group worked very hard to get this venue. The venue host did a lot of publicity, as did the MACA president. BTW, MACA stands for Memphis Association of Craft Artists.

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Unknown said...

I loved seeing my "Lil' City quilt" on the website and with my name included. It is so special and made by a special person. I will be excited to see your quilt in Paducah. Yeh, Marilyn, keep up the wonderful talented work you do. Shirley