Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year to me, sort of.......

This is the first weekend of my new and improved life and wouldn't you know it, a bump in the road. 
My bottom lip started swelling yesterday and I just knew I was getting a fever blister, which is bad enough, but it got worse and worse and became quite painful as well. No sleep for me. 
   I drove to work in the yuckiest rain--the cold, windy kind--and wound up coming back home 30 minutes later. Then I waited in seemingly agony (okay that's a little dramatic) for the minor med clinic to open and drove the excruciating five minutes, got signed in and less than an hour later had meds for this awful abscess on my lower lip!
  The nurse gave me a shot in the rear end for pain, so after a shorter wait at the pharmacy, (across the street from the clinic) I got back in my comfy bed and had a few hours of blessed sleep.
It could have been worse, like last Saturday, when my truck got stuck in the mud and I had to wait 2 and a half hours for the tow truck!  These nasty episodes could've been worse too, except for the kindness and care shown to me by the people surrounding me during both traumatic ordeals. I have to thank the people I work for, as they are the salt of the earth and I will be forever grateful to them for taking a chance on a stranger and welcoming me into their business.
 It's also good to know there are dedicated health professionals working on crappy Sunday afternoons, so they can be nice to cranky complainers, whose biggest problems are sleep deprivation. 
  When you think of all the folks out in the world who are working hard to make a living for themselves and family, keeping ungodly hours and just doing what needs to be done, it makes it easier, at least for me, to be nice to that service tech on the phone who's trying to sort out your internet so you can watch YouTube videos and keep up with your Facebook page. Sadly I used to be hateful to people who's only job was to help me solve my petty problems. One day I tried being nicer and got a lot better results. 
  So when things look terribly grim for you, remember there's plenty of help, if you are gracious enough to accept it. Plus, when you are called upon to help someone else in need, that good feeling is also on the other end of the spectrum.
  Didn't mean to get preachy and in an effort to inject a tiny bit of humor to my sad situation, I look like a cosmetic procedure gone horribly wrong! Or as if I wanted Angelina Jolie lips, but could afford only one! 

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ettam said...

great story. great attitude!