Monday, August 31, 2020

Time flies when your nose is on the grindstone

 So, today I decided to look at my blog and found a whole new regime installed by the google. I was surprised the last post was in April!! Maybe not too surprised. Everyday is Blursday here, although I do know when Saturday rolls around because my sweet baby visits for the day. All those other days are spent in my veggie garden, sewing room, kitchen, or in front of the tube, watching as much left wing liberal news, fix it and cooking shows as I feel necessary. 

The really big excitement around the neighborhood this summer was the Cooper's (I think) hawk and mate flying around protecting their nest. Several days ago, the babies left the nest and all is quiet in the mornings now. Of course, we still have the owls all night. This is going on in a very urban area of Memphis. 

  Thanks to zoom, I have been able to participate with the peeps at Memphis Sewing Guild and Tennessee Craft-Southwest. At MSG, we've started having programs again. Maybe not as much fun as in person gathering, but it'll have to do for now. I love seeing everyone and what they are doing. 

TNCraft-SW has been able to put together some gallery shows in town. Big thanks to all who put in the hard work to pull it together and provide the artists with venues for our work. 

Someday, things will be different again, for better or worse. I'll be glad for the break I've had from a daily grind and having had the time to spend as I wish. 

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