Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Believe it or don't

On the way to breakfast Saturday with my son, we spied this rare creature here in midtown. We were very amazed at such a sight as neither of us had ever seen an albino squirrel before. There are plenty of raccoons with this genetic make up around here and everybody's seen a white rabbit. If anyone out there has seen one of these guys, let me know.

I spent most of this day on cleaning and  laundry (bleh) and part of it making screens for future screen printing adventures. I'm experimenting with deconstructed printing ala Rayna Gilman (studio78 on my blog list). My first effort was not so wonderful but --fingers crossed--the next ones will be. I think the first time the paste for the dye was not quite thick enough. I made some more that is really stiff and so far is working and holding the image I used under the screen.  More on all this later with photos of the process.


Deborah Camp said...

I've seen an albino squirrel in midtown---near McLean and N. Parkway. Yes, they DO exist!!

Thomasin Durgin said...

10 years ago I lived in an apartment at Jefferson and Tucker in Midtown and there was an albino squirrel living in the neighborhood, I used to see him a lot.