Sunday, March 22, 2020

Crazy days

Isn’t this a strange time to be alive? This self enforced quarantine has been something of a blessing for those of us who like a lot of down time. I’m perfectly happy at home taking care of things that need to be done here. Getting some yard work accomplished. Laundry is all caught up. Still haven’t cleaned house like I should have, but that’s going to get done regardless....although the kitchen is looking good. Been cooking and eating, which might be good or bad. If the weather clears up I can get out for a walk to burn up the carbs I’ve been consuming.
  My yard has been a welcome diversion these days. So many flowers. The lush greenery of spring. Makes me glad I’ve turned the yard into a crazy mish mash of plants. I spent the better part of yesterday pulling weeds and planting a small garden with lettuce and edibles that might come up or not. The ornamentals are lovely. Daffodils and may apples. Columbine ready to bloom any day now. Some of the hostas are poking up from the dirt too. As soon as I figure out to post photos from this device I’ll do so. I bought a chrome book and am learning that operating maybe it will be easier to post from that if I can get Dropbox to cooperate. Fingers crossed.
  To anyone who reads this, I hope you are safe and staying healthy.  Fingers crossed for you and your family. Strange times.

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