Saturday, March 7, 2020

So far,so good

The show at Buckman Center was a raging success as far as I'm concerned. We had a wonderful turnout at the reception and all the artwork was hung on the walls by somebody with exceptionally intuitive vision. It looked so cohesive, even though it was created by two artists, working in different media, and we got lots of positive responses. Some of the people at the reception went back a second time. That is so validating in my opinion.
  Plus, one of Memphis' well known artists bought a wall hanging, and much to my surprise. a couple of my photographs sold!! I had put them in the show mainly as reference to the inspiration for my fiber art works.
 Spring is making inroads here. The yard is coming alive, despite some damage from the local utility company's tree trimmers. After they had been in my yard, it looked like Godzilla had strolled through.
The gazing ball I've had for 23 years was smashed. I'm very angry and have not had a response to my call to tree company. Ugh..... goes on...I'm making sure my little great grandson gets the loving care and attention he needs and deserves. He is just so fucking adorable.

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